• Szabó Ferenc

    With the Svartzonker McRubber Jr 17 cm and the McRubber Shad 17 cm lures I caught a lot of nice pikes in this summer. I was fishing in spots with a lot of weeds and plants, so I used mostly on offset hook. I caught a lot of smaller pikes, but there were a couple of really nice pikes too. The McRubbers are running very well, they're super rubber lures, I can only recommend them.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Today we had a few hours of spare time after the training. I took the opportunity to go fishing with the legend Claes “Svartzonker” Claesson. It resulted in two nice pikes. An unbeatable afternoon!

  • Mircea Ferezan

    I bought a casting equipment from GBP Sportfishing and some very interesting lures. The rod is the Svartzonker Black Series Pro and the reel from Saxa. When I took them in my hand I realized immediately that they are a really good quality. It's a pleasure to have such nice and well-designed things in your hand, for me it's important to know that I have good gears that I can trust. You do not catch big pikes every day, and when the monster comes you can concentrate on fighting, you know you can rely on your equipment. Seeing their quality, I say prices are correct. I recommend them.

  • László Sándor

    The spinning equipment made up of the Saxa Spectre 20-60g and the Saxa Reed 3000 reel bought from GBP for me is an ideal combination. Powerful but also responsive, very good both in casting smaller jerks and spoons, as well as with larger rubber lures. The rod has an increased sensitivity and at the same time suitable for large fish when you are fighting with. I strongly recommend these two products, personally I am very pleased with them both separately but especially in this combination.

  • Rat Peter

    I have from 12-year a fishing pension in Crisan (Danube Delta). I have been very often in Danube Delta for fishing before as well, but after opening this pension named "Pike Pension" I'm spending at least 8-10 months per year here. At the beginning I fished for other species too, but in last 6-8 years I'm fishing only pikes.

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  • Dragos Radoiu

    Headbanger is a great innovative lure with an unique action in water and the most important thing is that this lure is “loved” by pikes. A quality product with sharp and solid hooks, very resistant in the battles with the big pikes. I bought the suspending version and I am very pleased with this lure. The delivery was quick and professional. I will order other products from "goforbigpike.com" for sure.

  • Sükös József

    The unwritten law of the Danubian Delta in the last 20 years, says that you have nothing to do with wobblers here, because the lip hangs the grass, was rewritten by the gliders, especially by the Salmo. The slider slowed down from Tulcea to Sulina, and now is found even in the locals' lure box. But the pikes seem to have become accustomed with this kind of lure, and rarely you can catch a bigger one.

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