For a moment, imagine that your boat is drifting smoothly on a lake, above the crystal clear, but slightly dark water.You see weeds slipping under you, breathe in the fresh air and look up at the cloudy sky. Peace and calmness all around you, only some cormorants are drying their pens in the coastal willows. And suddenly... BAMM! A huge strike almost takes the fishing rod out of your hands. Fish on! Finally you got it! The great big pike! Your moment has come. It’s just the two of you.

The dream of a real fisherman: catch a truly big pike. If you are a genuine pike-fisherman, filled with passion and you are looking for the perfect catch then you are at the perfect place here: We brought everything you’ll need for catching the Big One. And also if you want, we can arrange your next fishing trip, show you the best spots.

I’m a passionate pike-fisherman myself too. With more than 25 years’ experience behind me, I’m familiar with all the best places for fishing all around Romania and Hungary, particularly the Danube Delta. My first 1m+ pike catch happened back in the august of 1997. Since then I became more and more interested in the C&R and the really big pikes and this is how it happened that along with my friend József Sükös we managed to travel to Sweden, a place which is worthily famous for its huge pikes. We have seen that their fishing technique is very different from ours: they are using bigger lures and mainly baitcasting equipment. Although our technique and lures were also effective, we caught a lot of pikes but nothing special... we caught just the same sized pikes like home. Later we paid for a guided fishing trip (had to be started with this) and we started to learn more and more about their way of fishing and we adapted it. Finally, with time, the results started to show.

We were deeply curious if the Swedish style and method are effective in our waters, but we have to ensure you that it actually is: we caught bigger pikes since we switched to the Swedish technique and lures. We are fishing mostly in the Danube Delta, about which a lot of people claim that there are less fish. It is true, but we still managed to increase the average size for caught pikes. In past we caught rarely and accidental pikes over 80 cm but after using the new lures we started to catch almost regularly less, but bigger pikes. What is really important is that if in that spot where I’m fishing there are big pikes I really have chance to catch them. This is the most important fact.

The truth is, we needed time to get comfortable with the new lures and fishing gears and we had to learn that we should not give up, even if we did not have any notable strike for hours.

The biggest secret is that you should always trust in your equipment and in your lures. It is crucial to have everything perfect when the time comes.

If you are an ambitious fisherman who wants to catch huge pikes, but the time is also precious for you we are here to help you to have the best fishing trips possible. We can show you how, when and where to find the big pikes and if you want we can take you to the best spots as well.

We escaped the routine and from the rat race and established our business specialized in pike-fishing. We are not engaged to any brand or company, we have only one goal in front of us: to assemble and provide with the best products related to pike-fishing to guarantee you the biggest catch possible. Custom lures, rods, reels, tackles, lines, tools, nets, liders, hooks, bags and other stuffs. Nothing unnecessary only the best.

It is almost unbelievable how this sport evolves with such a dynamic. We want to show you all the best innovations. We had the luck to work with real professionals, a lot of great people whom we had the incredible chance to meet and learn from. And now we want to broadcast this knowledge to you, with all the equipment needed. Besides that we can arrange your fishing trip to some breathtaking places, including Sweden, Finland, Danube Delta, and if you want we can help you to get a fishing boat, a kayak or anything indispensable for your next great fishing adventure.

No compromises, because as I said we are also passionate pike fishermen. Follow our blog to be updated, to learn and experience with us our journey in exciting world of pike fishing.

Tight lines!

Sándor ,,Steiner” Balázs

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